My most recent body of work “The Money Grub Series” is a continuation of the original series of 13 pieces, which I started while painting the shadow series. Shelving this project several years back, it was resurrected because of the most recent financial corruption, corporate greed, misleading agendas & greedy consumers.
    The series is a sarcastic introspective on materialism and its ill effects. “Don’t Be A Money Grub” is the common mantra throughout the work. To me, the Grub represents excess, gorging and glutinous behavior with regards to financial gain. I choose abundance in my life and like most enjoy my many creature comforts. My objective is to remind people not to be greedy consumers, forgetting our human obligation to each other. I hope it works!

    These shadow images ranged from distorted black shadows on white backdrops, to black shadows on black backdrops. I call the series "Friends, Family and Fiends".

All images are available for sale in print form; please email for details